all of my work michaellr11 I alot. My favorite game is Modern Warfare 2. I play this game online.
I believe... I will get good grades. My favorite subject is Math. I like doing Math on the computer.

I listen to alot. I like R & B and hip hop. I don't have a favorite band, I like them all.

I love to eat...fried dough with sauce and cheese. Eating fried dough is my favorite thing to do fairs. I always eat it when I go to the North Haven fair.
fried_dough.jpgI want to be at...home. I want to be there so I can go on the computer and play Xbox.I want to be known for...getting good grades.I could not do phone. I prefer to text my friends instead of calling them.I would change... me doing all of my homework. Last year I didn't do all of my homework and I want to do it all this year.I am known for...making duck tape wallets. One day I found a bunch of rolls of duct tape and I just started making wallets.I want to know more and how they work.
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