All my work Mikaylabp11

I play basketball and softball because its fun, it keeps me in shape, and I get to hang out with my friends.

I believe that one day there will be peace between every country in the world and we can all get along.

I listen to music because sometimes the lyrics can mean a lot to me. i love to listen to Lil' Wayne and Drake.

I love to eat pizza and fruit. My favorite kind of pizza is buffalo chicken and my favorite fruits are strawberries, pineapple, and peaches.

I want to be at the beach because I love summer and just relaxing at the beach. I love going to Misquamicut beach in Rhode Island, it's the best beach in New England, in my opinion.

I want to be known for a straight A student because doing well in school is very important.

I could not do without my phone, computer, facebook, or my friends. It's probably bad to say that I can't live without my phone or computer but it's true.

I would change nothing because my life is great just the way it is, i love it.

I am known for being a good friend, i am always there to give advice to my friends when they need help. No matter what it is, I'm there for them and they are there for me.

I want to know more about other people in different countries and how their daily life is different compared to ours.