My Brother Sam is Dead Persuasive Essay

My dear Sam,

I know that you did make a commitment, and you do have a duty to your country, but you have a duty to your family as well. Although I did allow you to leave and fight in the war, I have regretted it everyday since then. That is why I beg of you to not resign into the army. We need you here Sam. How could you choose to put your country over the ones that need you most right now? If you do decide to stay involved with the war, you will be killed. I’ve already lost your father; I don’t want to lose you too.
The pain of not seeing you everyday is becoming unbearable. My heart aches and I try my hardest to prevent myself from crying in front of Timothy. And when you return for your surprise visits, I surprise myself by how joyous I am acting. Deep down, you should know that I am overjoyed to see you, but I don’t want to see you just everyone now and again. We miss you Sam, Tim, Betsy and I. I am hopeful that you will see the error of your ways and come back to us.
Timmy misses the stories you used to tell when you came home from Yale every so often. He always is going on and on about you and your telling points. Mr. Heron believes that Tim would be a wonderful surveyor. He will never get that opportunity if you don’t return.
You need to go back to school Sam. Education should be the first priority in your life right now, not fighting in this dreadful war. I understand that you do want to do your part, and fight for what you think is right, but you need to think logically. Is fighting going to help you in the future? Is fighting going to get you a successful career? Most likely not, but getting a good education will.
Business in the tavern has really decreased since your father passed. Oh Sam, it was dreadful. The night Tim arrived home without him I was heartbroken. He told me of ‘cowboys’ that attacked the cart on their way over to Verplanks Point. Luckily, an escort arrived to take them to your cousins’ house. On the way back to Redding, your father rode ahead of Tim to make sure that it was safe. After an hour of not having heard from him, Tim decided that he must have been captured. He then told me of how he outsmarted the cowboys and arrived safely back home. All the responsibilities have been placed on mine and Tim’s shoulders. We need you back here to help us run the tavern.
I don’t wish to badger you to come home, the choice is yours. I do hope that you make the right one and return to where you belong. Everyday I sit and pray that everything will turn out alright for you and all the other soldiers. I worry that something could have gone wrong and I could loose you forever, like I lost your father. I don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re such a young boy, and there are major parts of your life that you have yet to experience.
You are a headstrong and smart young man, but you lack common sense. You need to think logically about this war. I understand that you are willing to fight, but are you willing to give up your life for your country Sam? Is having fewer taxes here and there really worth more then your life? Consider these options then make your choice. I love you Sam and I will continue to pray for your safety.

Your Mother