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Something that you do... I like to dance. I have been dancing for 8 years.I started dancing when I was 5 years old. I like to dance because it allows me to release lots of built up energy.

Ballet shoes.

Something that you believe...I believe that if you set your mind to some thing you will accomplish it.

I also love TINKERBELL!!!!!!!!

I love the Twilight series and love Taylor Launter!

My bff is Lindsay<3 but, I am friends with alot of people.

I love the New York Yankees and the New York Giants.


Something that you listen to...Taylor Swift I like to listen to Taylor because her music is really good.I also like to listen to the Jonas Brothers, Lil' Wayne, and Pitbull. I like alot more arists, too.


Something I like to eat..... pizza. I like eating pizza because I love that i can pick what ever topping I want.

Some place you want to be...

on a beach in Florida because the sun is always out and it is nice and warm out

Something you want to be known for... being the girl that is a cool friend and person


Something you cannot do without... my cell phone and my ipod because my friends are always texting me or my parents are calling me. My ipod because it has all my favorite songs on it that way when there is not a good song on the radio i can just listen to my ipod instead


Something you would change... my past because I have made alot of mistakes that i would like to change.

Something you are known for... being the funny, weird girl to my friends. To other people I am the shy girl.

Something you want to know more about... how the world goes round
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