All my work Nathanpr11

I play sports with my friends because we all have a good time, I show new skills to my friends, and I stay fit.

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I believe I can do any thing I set my mind to, like a big project or a short essay.

I listen to music. It gives me some thing to do, it can help me relax, and it can cheer me up.

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I love to eat pizza because it fills me up, it tastes good, and you can change your toppings.

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I want to be at places with everything thats fun becuse I like to have a fun. I want to live my life instead of watching it go by, and I like to try new things.

I want to be known for being a good person because I like to help, I will stop what I'm doing to help someone,and it is good to help others.

I could not do without my family and friends because I like to talk to my friends, like to go places with my family, and always have fun with my family and friends.

I would change nothing in my life, I like the way I am and who I am, and I like my family and friends.

I am known for being a team player, I like to help my team, and like to have fun when helping out.

I want to know more about this year and what we will be doing, like what big projects we will do, and all the fun little things we will do.