All my work nickpp11

I play sports such as baseball, basketball, and some football because they interest me. I have fun playing them and alot of my friends play with me
I believe the Cow boys are going to win the superbowl this year.

I listen to music. It calms me down when i'm mad or when i'm not in a good mood. Also, if i'm trying to forget about something or I'm bored.

I love to eat pasta because my father makes a special dish and it's really good
I want to be in Myrtle Beach right now because its sunny mostly everyday and there are so many activities to do down there.
I want to be known for being a famous BMX rider in the X Games, and for doing the best tricks like Travis Pastrana.
I could not do without my parents because they're the ones that feed me, buy my clothing, and help me with a lot of things.

I would change how I act in school things such as my behavior and to concentrate more on trying to learn instead of fooling around with my friends.

I am known for athleticsm because i play baseball with a lot of my friends. I also know a lot of people that play with me.

I want to know more about every subject in school so i can get better grades and do good in high school.

Check out this video of Tracy McGrady
Derek Jeter
my favorite yankee player.
. derek-jeter-picture-1.jpg
Jason Witten
my favorite Cowboy player