all my work nicklr11

I play... basketball because it makes me athletic, I get to interact with my friends, and I like being part of a team


I believe... that 8th grade is going to be my best year so far, because i am in the oldest grade in the school, im not treated like a younger kid on the bus and in school, a lot of my friends are on my team

I listen to ... rap because sometimes it is about something that happen to the rapper in there life, a lot of people cant rap, you have a lot of skills if you can


I love to eat... tacos, because you can change what you put on them everytime, you can make them into a salad, there are diffrent types of shells you can eat them with

I want to be at... high school, because when middle school is over my family throughs me a party, my 8th grade friends are there, it makes me feel older

I want to be known for... being funny because when im older I can always tell people I was the class clown, everybody will remember me, im always going to have a sense of humor


I could not do without... my cellphone because I like to text my friends, when im board I can play games, if I ever need to call someone I can


I would change... nothing, because I am happy with what I have, I couldnt ask for anymore, I cant picture it any diffrent
I am known for... being funny because I always make jokes, people laugh at my jokes, and my jokes are usauly funny
I want to know more about... science, because every year I get a bad grade , science is my only bad grade, maybe without it I can make honors