all my work Nicolepg11 I play basketball, softball, and volleyball. I don't like softball but I really like basketball and volleyball. I am trying out for both sports in High School and basketball for Middle School. Alot of my friends play basketball and volleyball with me so it's good becasue I get to have fun with my friends while playing a sport I love.

I believe that my bestfriends and I will be friends forever. I think this because we're always having fun together and because we get along really well. Also they can make me happy even when i'm mad or sad.

I listen to Eminem and Taylor Swift. Eminem is a male rapper and Taylor Swift is a female country artist. I can rap a few of Eminems songs and creating a rap song is hard so I give Eminem alot of credit for his talented songs.
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I love to eat fruit. My favorite fruits are watermelon and strawberrys. They are sweet and yummy. I like making them into fruit salads.


I want to be at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I want to be there because when I went it was the best time of my life. I was there for a wedding and we got to parade through the streets. My family was there and we all got along great, and I wish I could go back.


I want to be known for being really funny. Being funny would be a good characteristic because you can make people laugh and make them become happy if they're down. Maybe you can tell some jokes to make someone chuckle. haha

I could not do without my friends and family because they are always making me laugh and there for support. I trust my friends and they always make me laugh. Also my older sister is like my bestfriend and I really can't live without her.

I would change my school habits. I want to become a better student; especially in math. I need to listen more in math because i tend to zone out. I will work harder to get at least B's in math, as well as my other classes.

I am known for always being happy. I am a cheerful and outgoing. When like making new friends and to do that I am nice and happy toward them.

I want to know more about my family's past. I think looking deep into my ancestry would be interesting. I'd hope to find secrets about my family that is unknown by the rest of my family. Also i'd want to find old antiques that maybe my great, great, great-grandma