All my work nicolebp11 I play...Softball because I love to hit the ball farr and i love the feeling of geting home!:)

I believe...the New York Jets are the best football team because there just awsome!! haha:)

I listen to ...Eminem because he is the sickest rapper he raps about the truth all the time and i think i could "relate" to some of his songs.<3

I love to the Half Moon because they have the best penne ala vodka!

I want to be at...Willcox for my high school because i dont really wanna go to sheean and i wanna do hairdressing.

I want to be known for...being smart!!:) because im not as smart as i should be.

I could not do without...Gum beacuse i love chewing on things it helps me concentrait.;)

I would "just passing" every grade/me getting bad grades beacuse i just have to start getting better grades.

I am known for...being Blonde cuz i say alot of stupid things (thats what my friends tell me)

I want to know more about...School cuz i dont know alot about it.




ilove...Jill,Jess,and Emily!!!!<33333
*(no spicfic order)*