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I play gymnastics because it is a sport that develops my physical strength, agility, and keeps me satisfied.
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I believe that one day I can be an Olympian gymnast and win many awards, inspire other people of what I do, and make my friends proud.

I listen to Justin Bieber songs beacuse he is very popular, has athletic talents, and in my opinion is the best singer.
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I love to eat strawberries because they are low calorie, sweet, and deluctable.
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Anushruti RK
I want to be at a Justin Bieber concert because I want to see him live, take pictures & videos, and luckily, talk to him.

I want to be known for my singing because I think it is my best talent, a lot of people compliment me, and I always try my best to support my high notes.

I could not do without having any gymnastic classes because it's the only way I can practice, I have no equipment at home, and keeps my active whenever I get bored.

I would change the world by trying to cut the use of carbon dioxide, deforestation, and animal cruelty.
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I am known for my art skills because everyone prasies my work, almost always asks me to help them with art activities, and I get many awards in drawing contests.
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I want to know how to be a better gymnast because I want to be really flexible, have stronger arms & legs, and make my family & friends pleased.