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Something that I like to do is listen to music because I can drown myself in it and just be me.
Something that I believe is that not everyone is perfect.
Something that I listen to is the JONAS BROTHERS because I like their music and because I am in love with NICK JONAS !!


Something that I like to eat is my moms macaroni because its yummy and the best macaroni ever! :]
Some place I want to be is on the beach because it is so calming and relaxing, as well as beautiful . :]
Something I want to be is a mother and a wife someday because I want to be successful and start a family.
Something I cannot do without my family is fly in an airplane because I am afraid of heights
. [3]

Something I would change is global warming because it might kill the innocent, cute polar bears.



Something I am known for making up weird quotes and comments.[friends told me that]
Something I want to know more about is the after life because I always wonder about it.


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