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I play basketball because I love the Lakers. I usually play basketball with my friends. I always enjoy playing it.

Kobe Byrant

I believe that teachers should not give homework. Like Mr. Bogush said its proven not to help you out in anyway. It is also pointless to do because its based on a test so it will be considered practice for a test. The test is usually a week or more after the homework is given some of the homework you might not remember. Most people rush through it so they can do something else and some people don't do it at all. It can't help you because you will probably get some questions wrong so you can't really study off of it. Even if the questions are corrected the open ended question can't really be corrected if it was a long answer. You won't have enough room to write the correct answer if you got it wrong. It would just be easier if teachers didn't give students homework at all.

I listen to Hollywood Undead. They play great music. Their songs are sometimes funny and its cool that they wear masks.


I love to eat fettuccini alfredo. Its easy to make. Doesnt take long to make and taste really good.

I want to be at a Lakers game. I have never been to a lakers game and have never even been to the west coast of USA. I love watching basketball and its always fun to play it with my friends.

I could not do with out watching tosh.0. Daniel Tosh is extremely funny. He shows internet videos that are also funny. He aslo makes fun of the videos. Almost everyone who watches the show makes fun of Daniel Tosh on twitter and I like how he acts like it doesn't bother. Which is why I love watching the show.

Daniel Tosh

I would change that every week on Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. a new episode of tosh.0 is on.The host (Daniel Tosh) always jokes around saying why the show is still on the air. It should be on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. so more people are able to watch it. Not as many people know about it sense its on late. It deserves to be on prime time sense it is funny.

I'm known for being quiet. Lots of people say I am. I don't really have much to say. I'm usually tired so I don't really feel like saying anything16779223_3614d9cfea.jpg. I'd rather be sleeping than talking during most parts of the day.

I want to be known for the exact oppisite of what I am known for. People would stop saying I am quiet. When people say I'm quiet I look at that as if it is a bad thing. It's something that I would like to change sense I think it is bad. I would probably need to go to bed earlier than I have been. I'm not use to waking up a 6:30 in the morning yet so i go to bed later than I should.

I want to learn more about computers. I usually mess up my computer it would be great to know how to fix it. The job finder website that everyone went to in 7th grade showed most of the jobs it gave me were about computers. I think it will be helpful in the future to know more about them. Im usually on my computer so it would make sense to more about them just in case something goes wrong. I also hope to get a new computer mine is really bad and slow. I would like a laptop better than a desktop because I can use a laptop anywere and the desktop would just stay in one place.