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Something that you do- I dance becasue i think that it's fun and i get to be with my friends outside of school.
Something that you believe- I believe that everyone should be happy because you only have one life to live.
Something that you listen to- I love to listen to Taylor Swift because i love country music.



Something that you like to eat- I like to eat pasta because its good and easy to make.
Some place you want to be- I would love to be at Fenway Park on a nice sunny day and also be at the beach right after.
Something you want to be known for- I want to be known for being a successful person in my future.

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Something you cannot do without- I cannot do without my friends and family becasue they are always there for me.
Something you would change- I would change the bad decisions that I have made because they have made me who I am today.
Something you are known for- I am known for being shy, yet loud and crazy.
Something you want to know more about- I want to know why life can be crazy and confusing at times.

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