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You have only one post this week, and the post is very different -- it will be on one podcast that you listened to this week. It can be on any topic as long as it is a podcast that is meant to "teach" you something or a podcast you can "learn" something from. I recommend using itunes. Go to the store, click on podcasts on the left side, then pick a category below where you clicked, and check out some podcasts. You can get to the podcasts by clicking on the icons. Go deep into the iTunes pages, don't just stop on the first one. Also, once you are in podcasts, you can use the search box up in the right corner to search for a specific topic that you might be interested in. Once the listings come up, click on the price tab and they will sort themselves out - all the ones that are free are usually podcasts. Clicking on the arrow next to the "Album" tab will take you to the section on iTunes with all of the podcasts from that podcaster. In the right hand upper corner of that page is usually a link to their website. Do not use a podcast that has not been updated for two months or more.
Ok. That is simple right? You find a podcast and listen to it.

Next step
1-contact the podcaster and let them know what you thought about the podcast. There is usually contact information on the webpage.You are basically leaving them a comment just like you do on the blogs.
2-On your blogs write about what you thought of the podcast. What podcasts did you consider, how did you stumble upon the one you used, what did you learn, where did you listen to it, describe your thoughts. Include a verbatim copy of the comment you left for the podcaster. And of course, a picture and link to the podcast if possible.

Remember, if you have an Mp3/iPod player you can put the podcast into your player.

These are the podcasts that I regularly listen to: