All my work

Hello my name is Rachael

Something I do is swim I swim for Sea Dog swim club cause its a very competitive sport.
My favorite music is a lot of music but my
favorite song “No surprise” by Daugtry i love the lyrics.

My favorite food is pizza beacuase its delicous.

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Somewhere I want to be right now is somewhere tropical like the Bahamas cause i like warm places.

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Something I would change is my bus route because I am on the bus for 40 minutes.
Someone i love is Supermac18.

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The drink I love is vitimin water beacause the flavors are amazing!
Something I can't live without is my iPod.
Something I belive in is having fun because everyone should have fun!

I love Coach purses always did and always will.

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well external image 2060643498_a616f7473a_s.jpgout people thats my page.