Rachel loves michaela nuff said<3I play the violin and have been for 5 years; its what im good at and probably something i take the most pride in. I believe that love is the strongest feeling one person can haveheart.jpg
i listen to HANNAH MONTANA!!!! , Panic! at the Disco because i loveee brendon urie and i also like asher roth!! I want to be at the beach in Virginia
I like to eat maccoroni and cheese because that is the best food in the world(:

can not do without family and friends because they are who brings out the best in me

I want to be a sucsessful person because with that i can do anything i put my mind to.

Something i would change is i would have world peace because, this is a harsh world and if everyone came together and stopped all the suffering and war we would have a pretty amazing world to live in.
I think i am known for being obnoxious and crazy, people say that i am really loud...??
I want to know more about other countries and how they effect us

What would happen if the world
stopped believing?

Bubbles Was Here, Quack!

omg zahia.