All my work raqueldp11 I play...softball because its fun exciting and great exercise for me.

I believe...that i am a good person who likes to help others. i also believe in god.

I listen to ...lots of different kinds of music but my favorite is country because its good and it has good beats and its soothing when i don't feel good.
I love to eat...many different food i don't really have a favorite its too hard to pick.
I want to be at...home with my family.
I want to be known cooking alot of people like my food because i am very good at it and i expieriment with it so it always comes out good and most times it comes out great but sometimes its not so great but thats a good thing you can learn from it.

I could not do family, friends and my dog because i love my family and friends i could never leave them behind and my dog is the bestest dog in the world because shes kind and friendly and i just plain love all animals.
I would change...the fact that my family and i don't always get along maybe once and a while we do but lots of times we don't so i want to change that.
I am known math smarts and my cooking partly.

I want to know more about...math and cooking but i won't learn that until i get to college.