all my work rs!)

Something that you do ride my bikebecace I like to go places and I feel riding my bike is the way to do it.
Something that you believe in god
Something that you listen to hard rock and some metal, rap rock, and a very little amount of R&B because all of those forms of music have a realy cool beat and the skills they use in there music, it makes me bob my head over and over.
Something that you like to eat: Ice cream I like creamy foods it melts in your mouth,
its cool how you could eat ice cream in any form you want to, liquid or solid.


Some place you want to be at: The bahamas because sometimes I like to be at a peaceful place and other times aplace where you cold be your self I feel that the bahamas is that place.
Something you want to be known for: Designing weapons for the government
because I've always been interisted in weapons ever sence I was little.

Something you cannot do without: Tons of water
M249 SAW, 200 Round Clip & Night Vision Scope by kabanek.
M249 SAW, 200 Round Clip & Night Vision Scope by kabanek.

Something you would change: My computer because it is very old and slow and I am inpatisont
Something you are known for wearing: DC shoes because I feel it suits my stile.
Something you want to know more about: Probably weapons because that is my future job.