All my work Robertg

I play one sport, competitive swimming. I enjoy the feeling of being in the water. Also, swimming is the best sport for your body, and you get to hang out with your friends.

I believe that if you love what you do for a career, you will never work a day in your life. So do what you love, and you'll live happily.

I listen to alternitive and reggae based music. It's nice to relax at he end of the day to Dispatch or State Radio, and their music varies greatly from song to song, making it nice to sink into. I love many of there songs, but one of my favorites is Hey, Hey
by Dispatch.
I love to eat meat. I will eat a medium cooked steak (teriyaki or A1 sauce, please) any day. Also, I love ham, eitherencrusted in a sugar glaze or (even better) in my Brownsugar-and-Pineapple sauce. I am a carnavior.
I want to be at a tropical location SCUBA diving. Constantly. I love SCUBA diving. i love being in the water watching sealife, along with the amazing coral formations and colors. I was certified as a SCUBA diver when i was only 10 years old, and since then i have completed junior advanced underwater certification and have done fifty dives. I was certified at the New England Dive Center.
I want to be known for my advances in marine biology, my career of choice. I want to leave behind a legacy of discovering new marine life and studying what they do and how they live. I also want to be able to dive and use new tecnologies to discover places we never dreamed existed, easy enough since we know more about the moon and the surface of mars combined than our own oceans. I want to make some of those mysterys disapear.

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I could not do without swimming. It is what keeps me healthy and in shape. And it occupies some of my day with a challange, ones of which i love. Also, i get to feel acomplished coming in first in races and beating old times. I swim for the Cheshire Sea Dogs.

I would change the way we keep polluting the Earth. Polar ice caps melting, carbon dioxide, end-of-the-world prophocies, we're going crazy! We need to find alternate energy sources, fast. we will be out of oil approximetly in 50 years, in 2060. The biggest thing to tell top polluters, "Hey, by polluting, you are essentialy slowly commiting suicide, don't change, and it'll be over."

I am known for (at the cost of being insanely redundent) what I do and have done in the water. By now everyone has learned I am a SCUBA diver, actually i may be one of the youngest ever certified. But i am alos known for my competitive swimmers record. when i was 12, i had (and still have) one of the top freestyle times in New England. I twice had a person come up to me that i did not know and ask if i was Robert, then tell me I was a beast. Very good times.

I want to know more about the oceans, there is so much more to learn! We have hardly scratched the suface on deep water, with hundreds, even thousands, of species of sealife left to discover to discover. I want to jump on oppurtunities to find these fish and whatever secrets that are left beneath the waves.