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I play basketballand football. I use to play baseball and do track and field. I was planning on doing cross country but my parents think its a bad idea since im doing other sports, schoolwork and Catechism . I think im gonna play lacrosse in the spring for the first time. It will be exciting to try a new sport, im really excited and can't wait. To me sports are life.

I believe in God. Im a Catholic who goes to church, for the most part every Sunday. I also do Catechism every Wednesday which is like religious school.

I listen to my dad and family for advice. I asked if I could do cross country but he suggested not to since I have other sports that I am currently playing, school, and i would be tired out. So I changed my mind and decided not to do it.

I love to eat pizza because I love cheeze with sauce. My favorite topping is pepperoni because I like how it gives a little spice to the pizza. I think pizzas the best because it has a bunch of flavors into one food.

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I want to be in Cape Cod. We rented a duel complex in West Yarmouth, which is a two small cotagges mushed into one building. It was so fun at the beach swimming in the water with waves slamming into you and the sand when you get into in between your toes. Also we went minituare golfing twice and go-karting a few times.

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I want to be known for a hardworking kid. In stuff like life, school and sports. Just trying to do my best in everything.

I could not do without my family because they are there when I need them for advice. There also there for problems or big decisions that I need to make. They give me the biggest love and support with anything.

I would change my past school study history and work much harder. I slack off a little and dont study for something but if I did I would get a much better grade. I need to work on working harder in school and not slacking off.
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I am known for playing football. I have been playing since I was six years old straight and I hope i will be playing for a long time. Its one of my favorite things to do.
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I want to know more about my heritige. My dad is trying to become an irish citizen which means a lot to him because his grandma came over from Ireland on a boat. I think it would be cool to know more about that and what happened.
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