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Something that I listen to: Country music. I like it because it and upbeat. My favorite artist is Rodney Atkins://

Something I believe: Pollution will kill the planet if we don't do anything about it.
Something that you like to eat: Ribs because they are good and i love making . Here are some recipies RIBS.jpg

Something you cannot live without: Knifes, cause I collect them and they are very useful.
Responsible Education
Ryan Wendler

Is education a right, a privilege, or a responsibility. I think it’s a responsibility because we can go to school but it’s our responsibility to get something to get out of it.
We are only required to go to school until 16 but our responsibility is for us to learn. If we go to school to learn and we don’t then there is no point to go. It’s up to us to learn at school and we get out what we take in.
For Sarny it’s also a responsibility to learn and try to learn. For her to learn she is risking her life for education and it’s helping her. Nightjohn is providing this, but its sill a responsibility for him. He is also risking his life and limb and has to provide the education for the kids to learn at the pit school.
This is not a privilege or a right for many reasons. It’s not a right because not everyone can’t get to a school. For example is the older of the people on the plantation. They might not know how to read and write and want to learn but they won’t because Nightjohn will only teach kids. It’s not a privilege because they don’t have to do something good in order to learn. If they work very good in the fields that day they sill won’t learn how to write because it is outlawed by Clel Waller.
In the end, education is a responsibility. If education is there, you take it, and learn from it because it might not be there again. Sarny is luck and embracing learning and all its glory.