All my work ryancp11

I play baseball and basketball because they give you time to hang out with your friends at times it teaches you control other times it lets you go all out and have fun.
I belive that god is the one that created us all.
I listen to hip hop and rap because it calms me and its fun to dance to and with some people it tells a story.
I love to eat a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce pickeles relish ketchup and alot of cheese wich makes the burger so juicey and tasty.
I want to be at a Minnesota Vikings football game I love football and i want to see Bret Farve play and i love the vikings.
I want to be known for for being the first teenager to create his own skateboard

I could not do without my skateboard because when im board I just go outside skateboard around the neighborhood.

I would deffinatley change the way people treat the ideas of teenagers just because were not 30 or older.

I am deffinatley known for being the one that makes everybody laugh.
I want to know more about World War 2 and I do that buy reading historical fiction and non fiction books about World War 2.ww2.jpg