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I LOVEto play softball because I lovewhen I hit the ball and everyone cheers for me. external image 371032725_9c92f53032_m.jpgI believe in love at first sight because i think everyone deserves a chance at love.I listen to all differentkinds of music because I will dance to anything with a beat. I like to eat anything sour and in gummy form because they are so chewy and sour.external image 1055253375_2721ef5d54_m.jpgI want to be in New York City because I love the smell of the pretzels and I love all the relly tall buildings. external image 2304459105_d5cc8a9806_m.jpgI want to be known for my softball skills becase I want to be known for something.
I can't do without my family and friends because I would be sooo bored.
I would want to change my room because I hate the colors in my room.
I am known for my spontaneous personality.
external image 468265401_c6032c3b5d_m.jpgI want to know more about how the Earth got here because what if it is going to end the same way it began.