Something that you believe:Lawliet is better than Kira because from one of my favorite animes //Death Note// Lawliet is the detective and Kira aka Light Yagami is the mass murderer.I like //Death Gods//...
Something that you listen to: //****Escape the Fate****//because my friend melissa got me into it and //****Evanecence****//because I've been listening to it since I was 8 and //**Tool**//because my brother got me into it, dark music is my favorite, the more depressing the better.
Something that you like to eat: Strawberries because they are my favorite fruit.
Some place you want to be: England because that is where Lawliet lives.
Something you want to be known for:my artistic abilities and spazzy personality because that is how I act.
Something you cannot do without:Anime and my ipod, anime is my life and I like to drowed out the sounds of my life with my ipod.
Something you would change:I would change my hair color, I want black hair because I'm sick of brown.
Something you are known for:being a cluts and a good friend but kinda crazy, I'm a cluts it's true I trip over everthing.
Something you want to know more about:my moms sickness to make her feel better...get well mom :(