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I play on my ipod touch because I think it is really fun to play games on it when I'm bored. Every year I drive to Washington D.C. to visit family and it's like a six hour drive from here and i can't just sit there doing nothing. I don't really like video games or watching T.V., but the ipod makes it more interesting to play games. Also I like to listen to music on it.
2388739767_8a03380401.jpg believe that everyone can make a difference in the world such as recycling, going green, or helping the poor. I believe we can do it because its not that hard to throw your plastic water bottle into a recycling bin or donate your old clothes to charity or stop cutting trees. Unless people want 2012 to really happen, they better start recycling because I don't want to die at an early age. I also think people should help other people that are poor because if you were poor, wouldn't you want to be helped?


I listen to all kinds of music because I like how it can change my feelings. If I'm sad and I listen to a happy song I will become happy. If I'm angry and I listen to a peaceful song, I will become calm. I also like how some people express themselves through music and they are always themselves and not trying to be someone else, like my best friend. I also listen to music when I'm bored and have nothing to do.

I love to eat icecream because it can cool me off on a hot day. I like the cool feeling it gives to your body and how it calms me down. My favorite kind is the chocolate and vanilla twist icecream.

I want to be at Egypt because I love Egyptian history. I want to explore the tombs and pyramids because I always wanted to see them in person. I also want to see the king and queens' valuable treasures.


I want to be known for being a famous doctor who has saved the most lives. I love helping people because I love seeing people smiling and happy. It feels really good to help people or save lives to me. Sometimes in movies I see some rich, spoiled people walking by people on the streets and the poor people beg them for some money and some rich people just push them aside and ignore them. I hate to see people not helping other people when they really need help.

I could not do without my parents because they provide things for me, they care about me, they watch over me, and they are always there for me. They do many other things for me.

I would change the world because a lot of people are poor out there with no home, barely any food or water, and barely any clothes. It's just not fair to those who are poor because they are human too but some people don't help them.

I am known for loving adventure. I love to hike and see different animals (not dangerous ones). I really like nature and the outdoor and I love being surrounded by trees. I also like going to new places and seeing all the different sites.

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I want to know more about space and how it works because i want to know how can you go to space and see the whole earth, but when you come back you don't crash into the Earth's crust? I also want to know how it feels like to walk on the moon and how it feels like to have the astronaunt suit on.