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i'm sarah. i like to do lots of things from drawing to listening to music to writing to taking photographs.
I like them because these are the things i do best. I believe in peace because if everyone has been
peaceful at one time in their lives then it can happen to the world as one. I listen to a lot of different
music, like phantom planet and the bands above. I listen to phantom planet because i love alex
greenwald! I know you don't eat gum, but i chew it because its yummy. (:
Someday I would love to go to either Africa or see my friend in Australia. i love to travel. People
ask me to make their myspace pages because i know a lot about html codes and i'm pretty
creative when it comes to stuff like that. Basically, i can't do without my friends. especially meg and
taylor because i can tell them anything and everything. If i could change something it would be my hair
length because emily said so! People tell me i have sweet shoes, so i guess i am known for that.
I want to learn more about music and maybe how to play a guitar since i write songs.

All My Work.
i got my photos from my photobucket account (:
constitution day
revolutionary war
Democrat vs. Republican
John McCain Letter
19th century
radio script
its electric!
black history month