My essay

how democratic was andrew jackson? -this one-

How democratic was Andrew Jackson?????
Directions to essay

Something that I do... be me <3 which according to some people is weirddd... which I feel is a good thing.
Something that I beleive in... That Obama could successfully rule the U.S.A. He's a great president who is trying hard to make us a better country.
Something that I listen to... **CREED** and Michael Jackson because I love them, they have great music, and, they inspire me. :D Plus.. I'm in love with the lead singer Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp
Some of the best Creed songs <3
With Arms Wide Open- Creed
My Sacrifice-Creed
What If-Creed
Something that I like to eat is... Pizza! because i love it, :Ppizza.jpg
Some place I want to be... Newport, Rhode Island. Newport is my absolute favorite spot to be. I go there once a year, and someday, I'm going to move there. :D
I dont want to have a rep of being someone whos rude or mean, I want to be known as a nice person, who people can go to for help.
Something that I cell phone, and a Creed CD because I am obsessed, and I cant help it. Creed is my life. :D and so is my cell phone. I take it EVERYWHERE.
Something I would change... I would change my outlook on life. To realize that I can do anything I wan't to do.
Something I am known for... laughing a lot, and being happy.
Something I want to know more about... I want to know more about blogging and wiki. I'm so addicted, that I wan't to become good at it.

I'm also a HUGE fan of the Steelers (PALAMALU! #43 !!!