all my work scottbp11I AM SCOTT BANACK AND THIS IS MY WIKI

I play to sports such as baseball and basektball because you are always active while playing them. I play baseball baseball for Yalesville Little leage.

I believe that the yankees are the best team in baseball and that they are gonna win the world series because they have a very strong team and also the best players in baseball and there is no team that can stop them.. htt://

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I listen to music because it gives me somthing to do in my spare time and because it helps me to relax. It also helps sooth my mind when i am stressed.

I love to eat ice cream because it is sweet and because it cools you down when you are hot and also because i love the chocolatey taste that it has and also because it sooths my taste buds.

I want to be at an mlb allstare game so that i can see all of my favorite baseball players play against eachother in one game. Also because it has always been my life long dream to be able to see that.

external image mlb-all-star-game-2010.jpg

I want to be known for being a really good baseball player and also basketball player because thoughs are my to favorite sports to play and because it has always been my dream to become a pro, and also because i don't think there is anything in the world better thatn playing baseball and basketball.

I could not do without all of my friends that I have in the world, becaues they are always there to stand up for me if i am ever in a situation which I need help in. Also becaus they are always there when i need advice, and also because i we always have a good time when we hang out together.

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I would change the age that you are allowed to start working to 14. The reason I think this is because you have to wait so long to be able to get a job and also that as you get older you need more money because you start buying mopre things for yourself. I am known for always eating cerial. Even after i eat dinner no matter how full I am I always eat cerial because that is one of my favorite things in the worlg.

I want to know more about what it would like to be a pro-ball player, so that i can see what it is like be famous and get almost anything you want. Also because i would get to see what it is like to play with some of the best ball players in the whole world!