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Something that you do sports I play baseball, basketball. I play football with friends and love watching these sports.
Something that you believe that the red sox could win the world series. They are fighting for the playoffs with the Rays and are a good enough team that they could win the world series.

Something that you listen to hip hop/ rap This is my favorite type of music and my favorite rapper is lil wayne.
Something that you like to eat lobster I love eating seafood and lobster is myfavorite kind especially when its dipped in butter.
seans_favorite_food.jpg [2]

Some place you want to be fenway park I could live in Fenway Park. It is the home of the former champs, the Boston Red Sox. They are my favorite team and I go alot to watch them play.
Something you want to be known for I want to be known for my job when I grow up. I wish to be famous because of my job from being a baseball/basketball player, or a comedian.
Something you cannot do without sports I love sports and it is my life.
Something you would change the past I would change all the tragedies if i could go to the past.
Something you are known for Baseball I am on the all-star team for my baseball team and on a spring travel AAU team, the Blaze. I am a catcher and we travel to 1 tournament a year to play teams from all around and try to impress the colllege scouts. [4]
Something you want to know more about why we have 12 years of school We have 12 years of school not counting if you want to go to college and every year is slightly the same. Why cant we just have less than 12 years and not learn what we learned last year for half the year then learn something new? (skip the reviewing part of the year)
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