All My Work 10 Sean
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Something that you do is play Hockey. My favorite hockey team is the Anaheim Ducks.scotty.gif My favorite player is Alexander Ovechkin (below).

Something that you believe is God.
Something that you listen to is Itunes.
Something that you like to eat is Boneless Buffalo Wings from Applebees.
external image picture-0103.jpg

Some place you want to be in Alantis Resort Bahamas. Harborside Resort.
ba.jpg‚Äč external image Harborside_Resort_at_Atlantis.bmp

external image hrl.jpg

Something you want to be known for is a Pro Hockey Player.
Something you cannot do without is my MongooseBMX Bike.
external image 0003867519805_215X215.jpg
Something you would change is the cost of things.
external image money.jpg

Something you are known for is being a cool kid and a kid girls like.
Something you want to know more about is History.
external image history_logo.jpgHistory