all my work shawnpg11

I play football and basketball. I like to do these things in my free time. I want to try out for the basketball team. I want to try out for the wallingford vikings.

I belive I can try out for sports this year. I have good grades in academics right now. I want to participate in most of the teams this year. I want to become better at the things i am good at.

I listen to music. I listen to my ipod touch when i am doing my homework. I listen to most stuff but country. I hate rock and roll, heavy metal and stuff like that.

I love to eat cinnamon rolls. I want to have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There so good i want eat them all.

I want to be at a college after school. i want to learn stuff i didnt learn in school. I want my own room in college or dorm (whatever its called). I want a master or bachelors degree.

I want to be known for doing good at college. I want to do my best when i go to college. I want a basketball diploma to go in college.

I could not do without my ipod but it is missing right now. I think my cousin took it. His name is brendan. Im dying without my ipod.

I would change cinnamon rolls into huge cinnamon rolls with alot of icing on top and sprinkeld with cinnamon on top. It will be the best cinnamon roll in the world and i will buy it.

I am known for being a fast runner in my family.

I want to know more about this wikispace st