All My Work steveog11 I play outside a lot because I enjoy riding my bike, playing catch with my friends, and skateboarding with my neighbor.


I believe we should be able to skateboard in hallways because it could cut down transportation time in between classes, it would keep kids fit, and then everyone will have something in common.

I listen to my parents because they are very helpful (at times), they give me food, and well, I kind of have to.

I love to eat ice cream because it is very refreshing, It tastes really good when it is really hot outside, and I like almost everything cold.ice_cream_close_up_789987686.jpg

I want to be at Lake George, NY because the last time we went I was having so much fun with my cousins, I love visiting the village there, and renting and riding in our own boat is probably one of the best things things to enjoy at the lake.LAKE_GEORGE_57289503u5.jpg

I could not do without my electronics for a year because I use my phone and iPod everyday, I would be so bored all the time, and I would have to use a phone book when I need somebody's number.


I would change the economy because most people are having a difficult time, it's causing more problems in families, and it's also causing people to go bankrupt.

I am known for being very quiet because I don't talk much, I'm very shy, and everyone will be having a conversation and I'll just sit there and not talk.

I want to know more about architecture because it has many different types, I think it would be helpful to learn about, and it includes math, which I like.