All my work sydneyfr11 I play alot of things. Like sports. I play softball, tennis, and I swim. I do these sports because they happen each in a different seson so i play sports all year.i also like them because they keep me active all year long.external image 2604222617_bef4ef01c7_m.jpg image 2636810551_2e86a42061_m.jpg

I believe that music is a key thing in every ones lives. i think its one of the things that make the world go round. without music, my life would be a disaster. my is the one thing that i absolutly HAVE to have every where i go.

I listen to music all the time. I listin to it when im getting ready in the morning. I listen to it whe i go to sleep. And my FAVORITE singer of all time is Justin Bieber<3.

I love to eat gowumpkeys and perogies . they are both polish foods that my dad and grandmother taught me how to make. they are 2 of my favorite foods.external image 3068427167_b8d99cc1d2_m.jpg

I want to be a gourme chef when i get older. I love to cook and try new things. my favorite thing to make is Golumpkie .

I want to be known for being a good student in my last year in Moran. i want to get on the honor role at least once, maybe even twice. And i want to do well in high school.

I could not do without my music. i would go insaine if i couldnt listin to my music. especially justin bieber. i would have a panic attack. external image 3851967578_921a389554_m.jpg

I would change the economy if i could. then life for every one would be better. people wont loose jobs and people would get more money.external image 208109946_8c334cfe05_m.jpg

I am known for being a bunch of different things. For example, some people say im funny. My dad calls me a pip because i always know what to say at the right time.

I want to know more about the world. i want to know about other peoples culture and ancient myths. it seems cool to me.