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Title: Would you have fired the "Shot Heard Round the World?"

Essential Question(EQ): When is it necessary to fight? (What is worth dying for?)

Problem:The day is April 19, 1775. You stand with a group of minutemen across the Lexington Common prepared to stop the British Redcoat's advance. As you stand with your musket on your shoulder, you know all of the men are questioning whether or not they should fire and risk death, or if they should retreat back to the safety of their houses. You decide to step-up to the front and address the assembled Minutemen as the sounds of the Red Coats' drums come down the road announcing their imminent arrival. What do you tell the minutemen? Fight? Flee? Stand their ground? What is the evidence you provide them with to convince them that your directive is the path they should choose.

EQ=Is it necessary for you to fight? Is your evidence worth dying for?

We will start off the unit discussing what is worth fighting for right now in your life. We will then examine if it was necessary for the colonists to fight, and then finish the unit looking at some of the 21st Century situations that the USA will be in that will require the people of this country to decide, "When is it necessary to fight?"

Research Tips:
Ask questions
Take notes on your questions and cite your sources
Write your notes into a formal answer
Reorganize your answers into an order that helps you prove your answer to the EQ is correct
Create an introduction and conclusion

What does the final product look like?
The day before it is due you will record the phone call on our Gcast podcast channel . On the day of your speech you will have two minutes to convince the class to fight and possibly die, or to retreat and find another way. You may bring in one prop for each 15 seconds of speaking time. You must give evidence proving your answer to the Essential Question is correct and 3-4 facts backing up each piece of evidence supporting your answer to the Essential Question. Everything that you say or present must have a direct connection to proving your answer to the Essential Question is the one right path for the Minutemen to follow.

For those of you that need a tally sheet...
15 points for one reason and the evidence supporting it
15 points for one reason and the evidence supporting it
15 points for one reason and the evidence supporting it
15 points for one reason and the evidence supporting it
15 points for props that show a symbolic understanding of your evidence and use of primary source documents
15 points for wiki page or notebook organized with questions, notes, formal answers, final draft, and citations
10 points for being courageous while speaking in front of the class
5 points for including one appropriately used quote from a primary source

Due Date
Monday rough drafts are due and we will rehearse. Tuesday and Wednesday we will present and record the live presentations
You can do all of the above....or answer the question below:
Was the American Revolution really a revolution?

Wallingford Curriculum
1.1 Develop a variety of research strategies
1.2 Compare and Contrast sources, POV, time periods, and ideas.
1.3 Analyze PS/SS
1.4 Assess validity of researched info
EV People respond to and resolve conflicts in a variety of ways
EQ What is worth fighting for? Change 0 of 0
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