1. Create a multi-media webpage that is designed to convince young voters to select the candidate you believe will win the 2008 Presidential election
  2. Create a single issue multi-media wiki that someone can go to to understand the views of the top candidates
  3. Create a wiki that would explain to students the difference between Democrats, Republicans, and Third Party viewpoints.
  4. Create a wiki that someone who has very little "political knowledge" could read and get a better understanding of terms and people involved in the presidential race
  5. Create a wiki that highlights the key issues and viewpoints of the various candidates.
  6. Create a wiki that suggests alternatives to the Democratic and Republican Party
  7. Historical -- History of the Presidency, the closest election ever, the most lop sided election, ???
  8. (Insert your idea here)

Your creation will be placed on our team's 2008 Election Wiki and the wiki http://campaigntrailcollaboration.wikispaces.com (pending approval), sent to the Presidential Candidates, posted on the Record-Journal Forum, sent home in the Triad to Moran's parents, used by next year's 8th grade students.