all my work Mw09

Something that you do: play baseball because I like the feeling when you hit the ball.
Something that you believe: Red Sox because they won the 04,07 world seres.
Something that you listen to: baseball because I usely can't wathch the games on T.V.
Something that you like to eat: candy because it tast good.
Some place you want to be: Fanway Park because it's home to the Red Soxs.

Something you want to be known for: playing baseball in mager leage because I love to play baseball.
Something you cannot do without: baseball because I think about it all the time.
Something you would change: Boston trading Manny R. to L.A. for Jason Bay because Manny is my favorit player.
Something you are known for: playing baseball a lot because its what I play when I go outside.

Something you want to know more about: baseball beause I like knowing things my dad does not know about baseball.