peurto rico immigration

peurto rico immigration
Ira Fredeerick Aldridge
Hello my name is Tiana !!!!!!

Something that you do:
I babysit my baby cousin her name is nevaeh i love to babysit i do this to help out my family!!!

Something that you believe:
I believe that when you try your hardest you can always succeed

Something that you listen to: I listen to alot of hip hop and sometimes rap because i like that type of music!!!!!!

Something that you like to eat :
I love to eat pizza i eat it cold and warm because its the best food ever!!!!!!

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Some place you want to be:
I would love to be in florida right now because it is nice and sunny and i love the beaches and i want to go to disney world!!!

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Something you want to be known for : All my purses, i love purses excpecially coach purses i love coach purses because there so cute!!!!!

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Something you cannot do without:
My cell phone i love my phone i cant live without it because i cant never be away from my friends !!!!!!

Something you would change: I would want to change my grades to do alot better

Something you are known for:I am known for babysiting in my family i have babysat all my cousins and my moms friends kids.

Something you want to know more about: I would love to know more about history because to me in my last years its been so confusing !!!!
‚Äč I love christmas thats my favorite holiday
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