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Something that I do is talk and text on my cell phone too much. That is my life talking and texting on my cell phone.
Something that I believe is the world will never end because its sad when people die and then there will be nothing left.
Something that I listen to is all types of music, because there are some country song and pop and rock song that I like. I also like many more songs.
Something that I like to eat is chocolate beacuse it is the sugary candy that is so good. It's hard not to have it all the time.
Some place I want to be is Australia because they have kangaroos and the scenery is very beautiful at night night time in the city.
kangaroos.jpg [3]
Something I want to be known for is for some one that travels around the whole world. I love to travel and I love to see what they do in other countrys. So I would like to travel to many countrys like Australia or even Europe.
Something I cannot do without is shopping beacuse thats a girls best firend. I love to have more bags from designer, even jewelry from designers.
coach_bags_tms2.jpg [4]
Something I would change in the world would to having no violencebecause I hate hearing how people die from people robbing from them or like home invasions.
no_violence.jpg [5]
Something I am known for is for talking to much beacuse Have too many things to say and I need to tell it to someone so I don't have to worry about someone not knowing something if it's important.
Something I want to know more about would be, will the particle accelerator form a black whole and will we get sucked into it. This scares me because i'm not ready to die yet. I haven't even gone to high school yet.
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