Esp guitars, best ever.avenged_sevenfold.gifavenged_sevenfold.gifesp.jpg
I play guitar because it's fun.
I believe in God because he suppots me in everything.
I listen to Escape the Fate and Avenged Sevenfold because their lead guitarist shreds.I also like All that Remains and As I Lay Dying escape_the_fate.jpgspaceball.gifspaceball.gifspaceball.gif spaceball.gif http://alltha
Something I like to eat is pizza because it taste good.
The where I want to be is Puerto Rico bacause it's always hot.
I want to be known for playing lead guitar in a band.
I cannot go without is my Xbox 360 because I'm addicted to it.
I would change the world so that there would be peace and no war of any kind.
I am known for my temper because I use to get angry over the smallest things.
I want to know more about the process of making guitars so I can eventually make my own.