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Bwah Haha!
--LaurenY was here.[:

Something that I do is listen to music all day because I truly can not stand a second without music.

A Picture Of iPod Headphones.

because usually if you were to believe in yourself, you would get what you want,
or if you don't then you should keep trying
so you could be able to

"If You believe, then you will suceed."
--An inspiring quote said by my friend, Tiffany![:

Live, Love, and Laugh.

Something that I listen to is Taylor Swift because I love all of her songs since they're always true whenever it came to the teenage life.

Taylor Swift

Something that you like to eat are brownies because I like the way they taste in my mouth; all gooey and filled with melted chocolate.


Some place you want to be is in Rome, Italy because I love looking at the old buildings, and beautiful scenery. Instead of reading about them in books, I would rather experience the thrill myself.


Colloseum In Rome, Italy

Something I want to be known for is the
greatest painter ever in history
because I love to paint and painting is another way for me to express myself.

I painted that picture right there.

And also, another thing that I'm known for is my love, love, love of writing. Writing is an inspiration to me and whatever comes to my mind, I'll just write it down and built from that.


because it's pretty much what I do all day, and I am completely obsessed with music.

Picture Of An iPod Guy.

Something I would change is animal cruelty, this sentence was kind of inspired to me by this commercial I saw on TV, and to tell you the truth, it was pretty heartbreaking to see all of those animals being mistreated everyday by their owners.

Something I am known for is always being the different one in my group of friends.
I like to do things different because I actually enjoy being the unique person compared to any of my other friends.

I kind of forgot where I got this picture....

Something I want to know more about is if we all are going to die in 2012, because, I'm just curious . . .