All my work Tylerkg11

.I play outside with my friends sometimes. I go outside with my friends because it give me something to do. I would be bored to death if I didnt have any freinds and I would just sit and be lazy on the couch all day without my friends. I also talk to them on facebook.

I beleive that homework is a huge waste of time. It makes me mad because it wastes my free time to hang out with friends and family. It hurts my head.Homework is just review and thats what quizzes are for. 2462416576_1d72d0e9f2[1].jpg

I listen to Eminem songs because it's not always just a ton of words thrown together it's stories about life. Eminem doesn't get boring and you always know what he's saying.external image 4464651437_c34c241417.jpg

I love to eat hamburgers. There are so many ways to eat them like you can have cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, and tomato. There are also many ways to cook it like having it steamed, grilled, pan fried, and baked.I also like them because I have been eating them as long as i can remember.

I want to be at Trail of Terror with my friends because it is so scary, and it's funny watching them jump twelve feet in the air at every turn. I also just love hanging out with my friends and we have been all going for the past four years.

I want to be known for creating the first ever flying car. It would be so cool to see everyone using my creation. I would make a ton of money and my name would be in history forever.

I could not do without my dogs. They are always happy to see me and im always happy to see them.They are always fun to wrestle with and they are fun to take care of.external image 2761002241_0698fc66b7.jpg

I would change school times because it is very boring. I love to sleep in and hate waking up. Since we have to go to school I think we should start school at noon and get out at 12: 30.

I am known for being Funny and outrageous. I do random things that are stupid yet funny. Like one time I ride my bike down a huge hill and threw an apple down the street and it samshed. I also do random unexplainable things. You would have to talk to my family if you really want to know.I am also funny for the random things I say.

I want to know more about weapons and war things like that. I just like that kind of stuff and I also likethe Modern Warefare 2 video game. It's funny watching the people get shot in the head and then screaming AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I also like it when you shoot them in the foot and then they fall on thier face.external image 3737008845_b53ae60458.jpg