All My Work Victorlr11

I play on the computer alot because i can tak to my friends and also do my work on it also its fun to play games.
Bogush_games.jpgNintendo DS - Game Collection By: Eleven Eight

I believe that im chinese because i can speak chinese, my parents were from china, and my relatives are chinese.
Wanna know about chinese culture? Learn more here Chinese Culture

I listen to alot of music when im bored because its very good for passing time and getting hyped up. Also i like many artists's voices. I like many kinds of artists and i dont have a favorite one but if i had to pick ill just pick one....Random Artist?

I love to eat chinese food at my resteraunt because i get it free, its tasty, and i can have what i want.
Chinese_food_bogush.jpgChinese Food Open By Kevin H

I want to be at Las Vegas because it always full of life, there are alot of peple there, also because of all the shows they have there If u wanna know more about Las Vegas here you go Las Vegas
Bogush_Las_vegas.jpg Paris Las Vegas (#165) By Christopher Chen

I want to be known for being good at math because it is easy its my favorite subject and i like being competitive in math. If u wanna know more about the picture below this might help Alan Guth
Bogush_Pics.jpgAlan Guth equations By Opacity

I could not do without air conditioning because my school is burning and i cant concentrate its stinky and its gross when people drip sweat and i touch them.

I would change the fact theres no air conditioning in the school because everyone is sweating the school smells its groggy and hard to think also moving around is tiring.

I am known for being strange because I am random, I go off topic, and i blurt random things out.

I want to know more about space because it makes me wonder how big it is, stars and planets are interesting, also i wonder how big it is and if there is anything bigger than space. Learn more here Space

Space_bogush.jpgDisney: Mission Space By: Express Monorail

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