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I play outside in the pool on hot days because it's so refreshing, nice, and relaxing.

I believe in god because im Christian, i go to church, and I went to cathloc school.

I listen to music every possible moment i get because it helps me "escape" and i love it. Pop and R&b are my favorites.

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I love to eat pasta even though I am not itailian. I love it because it tastes so good and you can fancy it up or more it more of a causule meal.

I want to be at NYC fashion week right now because fashion is my life, i love the city, and fashion is a way to exspress yourself. external image 364727301_3ddd636c96.jpgI want to be known for being confident and bubbly because it's a good way to be known as, it makes you a happier person, and that's my kind of personality.

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I could not do without my cell phone. I have the i-phone and i treat it like my baby because it goes everywhere with me, has great games, and unlimated texting :p

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I would change the DRESSCODE back to normal(: All the girls are having prblems with it, it's a big issuse now, and nobody likes it. image 3063013277_59a9beffaf_m.jpg

I am known for being the ultimate girlie-girl!!! I love to dress up and do my makeup and hair, it makes me feel good about myself and i feel more confident.
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I want to know more about sports. I have no clue about all those ball games and i really wish i could because i could understand them all better and be better at them.

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