----Helping Hints for the Blog.

http://themes.wikispaces.com/ Lots of help from medias, to colors, to backgrounds, etc

Bold, Italicized, and Striken Through.
When you send a comment, above where you write is things to make your font bold, italicized, and stikeded through.

<b> <i> <strike>

Other things.
Theres also little things that you can add to it like html and all these other things. Check it outt.

It didnt say this for it but you can try. If you want to comment someone on the blog, aand you want something underlined,

on myspace, theres bold and italics but theres also <u> for underlining.

Bold, Italics, Underlined, and Strike For One Word.
If you only want one word in a sentence bold, you would put <b> before the word and </b> after it.
underlined: <u> before a word. </u> after the word. the same for italics and strike.
stike would look like this.

get it!?!?

----Helping Hints For the Wiki.

On the wiki, if you are sending a wiki message to someone you can make words bold. this is unlike the way to mak it bold on the blog but i would come out like


You can do this by hitting the equal sign [ = ]
Then you type the word/phrase that you want to be boldface.
Then, you finish it off with another equal sign.

You could also put a space between the equal signs and the word.

so like

equal sign--space--word--space--equal sign.

or you could just do it without the space. it doesnt change the size of the font, they both come out the same.

Hope this helps. :].
:]. peace. <3.

...just testing below....