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external image 2500074019_9d957fe769_m.jpgSomething that you do: Lawn mowing
external image 440045928_036af32856_m.jpgSomething that you believe: Barak Obama
external image 138188604_5e0a6728cd_m.jpgSomething that you listen to: Metallica
Something that you like to eat: peanut butter toast
external image 95820523_a9bd9fcb1e_m.jpgSome place you want to be: Rhode Island
external image 23462925_c25fb58354_m.jpgSomething you want to be known for: Fencing

external image 90939675_2a9d6057a8_m.jpgSomething you cannot do without: computer
external image 484422259_e9d00ed990_m.jpgSomething you would change: pollution
external image 23462925_c25fb58354_m.jpgSomething you are known for: Fencing
external image 2409677112_9f2c4f5718_m.jpgSomething you want to know more about: outer space
Ø As a Patriot what did you believe in? You need to describe at least 5 points. Vice President John Adams by John Singleton Copley, April 29, 1789,
Samuel Adams
Nathan Hale, American Patriot, Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790, George Washington 1732-1799
Ø What was your daily life like? (Write a paragraph describing a typical day)
Over 90% of colonial families lived outside of towns and cities. A comfortable farmer in the north owned ten cattle, sixteen sheep, six pigs, two hoarses, and ateam of oxen. Hoarses were standard transpotation. It is common to start each day with a stiff drink. That is the daily life.

Ø Give two examples of how British imposed taxes affected your family.
The stamp tax was a that was imposed on every document or newspaper printed or used in the colonies, in the summer of 1766, King George III of England replaced Prime Minister Rockingham with William Pitt, protests in the colonies against the Stamp Acts had died down when Parliament passed the Tea Act.