All my work zachhp11

I play baseball, for my school and for the state. Baseball is great if you are a competitive person and if you like playing sports. It keeps you in shape through the summer and spring. I am also a Yankees fan.

I also play basketball for my church and for my school. Basketball keeps you healthy and fit through the winter and some of the fall. I am also a Boston Celtics fan.

I believe that if i keep playing baseball and training, i will make it at least to college for baseball, and hopefully to the majors where I can have a career.
I listen to hip hop and rock music. My favorite hip hop artist is Lil Wayne. My favorite rock band is metallica.

I love to eat buffalo wings because they are spicy and they taste very good. I love eating spicy foods no matter what it is.
I want to be at a baseball field playing a game because I love baseball, I love the competition and being with my friends while playing.
I want to be known for playing major league baseball because baseball it me favorite sport and I would love being known for playing it too, and if I make it to the majors i will get paid to play it.

I could not do without my friends because at least once i everyone's life, they will need help with something and friends are always my first choice.
I would change the fact that teachers give homework to no homework because kids have better things to do when they come home from a long day at school than to just sit down and do more school work, and nobody likes to do homework either. If a teacher did an expiriment where they asked students whether they prefer homework or no homework I bet that at lest 95% of student will say no homework.
I am known for playing baseball and being good at it, but mostly because I play for moran and a lot of other travel teams.
I want to know more about how people get drafted into the majors because I hope that one day I will get drafted by a major league team and if I do I would want to know more about it.