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"All the best heroes are ordinary, people who make themselves extordindary". *My Chemical Romance;


.:Satisfaction is the death of desire/Pete Wentz:.


-Music equals my life, it makes me happy.
-I believe; The Yankees are way better than the Red Sox. (:
-I listen to; PATD + MCR & FOB! My favorite bands. <3
-Something that you like to eat; Mac & Cheese, it's yummy.
-Batman is my hero. <3
-I want to be; In New Jersey w/ MCR, 'cause I love them!
-I am known for; Being myself, I am who I am.
-I cannot do without; My Friends & Family. <3*
-I would change; The world, 'cause I know it could be better.

-I am known for; My obsession over, Mikey Way & Pete Wentz!
-I want to learn more about; Dinosuars I think there still around.


1. mcr,
2. batman,
3. yankees,
4. fob,
5. mikey way. made by, caylee allard. (:

bubbles was here. Quack