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Something that you do: Quading because it fun.
Something that you believe: That the Red Sox will go to the World Series agian because the red sox are doing better
and better everygame. Even if they do lose.
Something that you listen to: Sublime, Korn, Wals Of Jericho, and much more.
Something that you like to eat: ice cream because its cold.
Some place you want to be: Vermont, because I like the open spaces and the farm animals.
And I like having to drive 2 miles in the middle of nowhere to get to a store.
Something you want to be known for: Photography because ever since I was little I have been told that
I was going to be known for photography, becaus I take really good pictures.
Something you cannot do without: Ipod, because I can't go a day with out listening to music.
Something you would change: I would change my eye color to dark purple because I think that its different.
Something you are known for: Going to lots of concerts, because I wear a lot of band tee's and im always talking about
goin gto different concerts.
Something you want to know more about:
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