[[http: Crazy horse|crazy horse]][[http://www.wikipedia.org |wikipedia]]Everyone is a hero in someones eyes

To me a hero is anyone who bothers to take time to help i say bother cause these days people dont even do that.
My hero is crazy horse.....he is a hero because crazy Horse was looked at as a murderer ,but he wasnt a murderer it was visions, its what he believed in.
He was invoved in many murders,killings, and massacres.But he did it to help or for religous reasons. In this essay I will prove that crazy horse was a hero
because he is a hero in more than just my eyes.
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1840 – september 5 1877. South Dakota. He was helping his people so they wouldnt die.This is important because he was saveing his people from death. [[http://www.wikipedia.org |wikipedia]]

On December 21, 1866, Crazy Horse and six other warriors, both Lakota and Cheyenne, decoyed Capt. William Fetterman's 53 infantrymen and 27 cavalry troopers under Lt. Grummond from the safe confines of Fort Phil Kearny Fort Phil Kearny on the Bozeman_Trail|Bozeman Trail into an ambush. Crazy Horse personally lured Fetterman's infantry up what whyoming locals call Massacre Hill while Grummond's cavalry followed the other six decoys along Peno Head Ridge and down towards Peno Creek, where several Cheyenne women were taunting the soldiers. Meanwhile, Cheyenne leader Little_Wolf and his warriors, who had been hiding on the opposite side of Peno Head Ridge, blocked the return route to the fort. The Lakota warriors then came over Massacre Hill and attacked the infantry. There were additional Cheyenne and Lakota hiding in the buckbrush along Peno Creek behind the taunting women, effectively surrounding the soldiers. Seeing that they were surrounded, Grummond headed back to Fetterman to try to repel them in numbers. The soldiers were wiped out by a warrior contingent numbering almost 1,000. In some history books it is known as Red_Cloud's but Cloudwas not present that day. The ambush, known as the Fetterman Massacre, was at the time the worst Army defeat suffered on the GreatPlains

Wagon Box Fight
On August 2, 1867, Crazy Horse participated in the wagon boxfight near Fort Phil Kearny.Lakota forces numbering between 1000 and 2000 attacked a wood cutting crew near the fort. Most of the soldiers fled to a circle of wagon boxes without wheels, using them for cover as they fired at the Lakota. The Lakota took substantial losses from the new repeater rifles the soldiers carried, which could fire ten times a minute compared to the old musket rate of three times a minute. The Lakota would charge after the soldiers had fired, expecting them to be using the older muskets. The soldiers suffered five killed and two wounded, while the Lakota had between 50 and 120 casualties Many are buried in the hills that surround Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming "my lands are where my dead lie ...
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this fits my deffinition of a hero cause he was bothering to do something.

the people who wouldnt agree with his actions was basically everyone but his people.the people that didnt agree with him tried to kill him.crazy horse avoided being squished by fighting back.

Crazy horse

Crazy horses legacy was to protect his land and his people at all cost. so now his people are safe and they still have there land. Thats his legacy cause before he was killed he fought for his land and he got it . [[http://Crazy horse|crazy horse]]

The 21st century problem is the government takeing land away from people crazy horse would say fight for your land if you truley believe in keeping your land then fight. Fight for what you believe in