Name: PN
Class: Sapphire

What were the strengths of your message?
The main points that we gave across.

What were the weaknesses of your message?
Not having a ton of information

What were the strengths of your wiki? Examples?
Having a great design and the information. Some examples are the colors and the notes.

What were the weaknesses? Examples?
Each section might of had less information than we should of had. An example would be our Poverty page.

How does your final product show the results of careful planning? What is the evidence?
We had many different topics for the audience to look at. The evidence is that if you look at navigation there are many topics.

How does your final product show academic growth? What is the evidence?
It shows how technology can be used today and the same with the politic information.

How does your final product show technical growth? What is the evidence?
We both used lots of places for our information and you could look at the links that we

Were you creative? Evidence?
Yes we were because our website showed some sophisticated information.

Are you proud of what you produced? Why?
Yes because we think we worked hard and convinced people to vote for John Edwards.

Please score the following from a 1-->10 with 10 being the highest.

  1. In class effort=9
  2. At home effort=7
  3. Research and Notes=9
  4. Planning=8
  5. Did your final product have a point and communicate it clearly?=9
  6. How does your wiki flow?=10
  7. Design=9
  8. "Spirit and soul"=8
  9. I gave honest answers to all of the above questions=10

What was the point of your work?
To tell people about John Edwards and why they should vote for him.

Any comments(If you have any comments that should remain private please wiki mail them to me):
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What do you believe your grade should be?